Early Learning - Dance Explorers

dance explorers page 1Serious fun for budding young dancers. Ballet & Jazz styles adapted for this age group.

Our Pre-School Dance Program has been specifically tailored to introduce dance to the very young student, by combining movement activities, creative dance play with a variety of musical accompaniment. Students will use an array of props and hand held instruments to facilitate co-ordination and musical/movement awareness.

Physical activity for young ones is necessary to build strong muscles and bones, to improve balance, posture and co-ordination, and develop an understanding of spatial awareness so necessary in our everyday physical environment. Dance activity is beneficial to heart, lung and bone health and will increase physical strength, stamina and flexibility.  

Dance helps to prepare the young student for formal education by keeping the body and brain active, and cognitively alert.


dance explorersParticipation in dance classes beginning at an early age promotes application to a task, assists with developing the attention span of young students, and promotes mental sharpness and quick thinking. It develops positive social skills and creates great friendships…. And is just plain fun.   Latest publications also suggest that dance training can reduce the chances of cognitive deterioration in later life...a good enough reason to encourage the love of dance from a very early age.

Our Dance Explorers program will also introduce students to the very basics of dance training in both the classical ballet and jazz styles, in a playful variety of exercises that allow freedom of movement and enthusiastic encouragement of their participation.

We love to dance at LR Dance, have done so for many many years and enjoy the opportunity to pass that passion on to our students. Come and join us…make friends for life through dance. You won’t be disappointed.


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